Sunday, December 9, 2012

i made a fan video for the swedish electro band enema & gejonte. with drawings from the wall and footage from Slotervaart.

the lyrics go like this :

 refrain... Can a Punker dress like he wants to? (YES....)
That's was why Punk started!
Can a Punker thinks like he wants? (YES....)
That's was the very reason for Punk! Can a Punker say what he wants (YES....)
That's was why Punk started! Can a Punker sound like he wants? (YES....)
That's was VERY the reason for Punk! ---------

jonas wrote in the email about the song:

But Punk has become conservative it has become frozen in its FORM
They wear "Punky" Uniforms a lot of rules and a lot of norms! refrain again and so on...
OUR Punk...shall become what it wants to become OUR Punk...shall grow and be free ANARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Suits - Eugene

Some days ago i met a student band by chance downstairs at the entrance.They improvised on my name,...
wouldn't it be nice to have an own house? 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Can Slotervaart's ACTA building become a home for me? What will remain in my memory of it? What kind of chapter of my life is this? I have philosophical questions and questions about how to experiment with this situation. How to settle here, creating a home?

Is it better to be actively socializing... or do i have to wait for the right moment when things will change. And what about friends? it would be nice to have some more adults here.

Maybe i underestimate these youth, or i am seeing something in them i do not want to accept. I really come to a limit but i cannot describe it. I will explore some more. questions over questions ... while my neighbor is talking loud to her skype.

I manage quite well to ignore her (voice) through these thin walls. I have the feeling this is an experiment: myself crossing this social landscape and see what happens. Beyond fatalism!

"Der Mann aus Stein"

"The Ghost T- shirt man"

 two new men appeared today "The Ghost T- shirt man" and "Der Mann aus Stein". I can be the stranger i wanna be here in this student place. My social landscape project is paradox. Maybe its all about myself.
view out of my window:

A huge cloud over Slotervaart today. I have a strange feeling. Me being here. Feels like being in the middle of nowhere. The year comes slowly to an end. What will the future bring?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


can this be a slogan for rent nomads?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Spicing up the neighborhood of Amsterdam Slotervaart.

I draw the indoor walls of my flat. I call it a social landscape.
I live here in this student building and have to deal with others everyday. These gips walls are thin like silk. You can hear a lot through them.
I have not much to say_space. Drawing brings me in a different world. I draw old heroes of political resistance and out of my fantasy. Outside it's cold November.
I can see the neighborhood of Slotervaart from the 8th floor.
It's nothing much out there.You can see the airplanes taking off and landing at Schiphol. The view out of the window gets more and more boring everyday since i moved  here...
You can smoke a cigarette out of the window and take a look at my drawings.

These Woningcooperaties are sending students and artists to live here and even work for them. They want to spice up the neighborhood. Another gentrification project maybe. It's all business and we are part of it.